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The Constituency Development Fund was introduced in Kenya in 2003 with the passage of the CDF Act 2003 by the 9th Parliament of Kenya. The CDF Act provides that the government set aside at least 2.5% of its ordinary revenue for disbursement under the CDF program.


Three quarters of the amount is divided equitably between Kenya’s 210 constituencies whilst the remaining 1/4th is divided based on a poverty index to cater for poorer constituencies.

The constituency is the unit of political representation in Kenya of which there are 210 in the country. Each constituency is further subdivided into locations for local administrative purposes. A district is a grouping of 4-6 constituencies and before the implementation of CDF in 2003; the district was hitherto considered the unit of local development.

Under CDF, for the first time ever, the constituency is functioning as a development unit. Consequently at present considerable resources are being channelled towards building up institutional capacity at the constituency level to support the fund.

CDF is devoted to community based projects, which ensure that the prospective benefits are available to a widespread cross-section of the inhabitants of a particular area.

Year Total Annual CDF Allocations


1.26 billion
5.6 billion
7.2 billion
9.7 billion
10.1 billion
10.1 billion
12 billion
14.3 billion

Download CDF Status Report.

The CDF Social Audit Guide

OSIEA-CDFThis handbook is intended to be used for the training of groups as well as individuals with an interest in monitoring CDF expenditure in their community. The handbook is designed to assist communities understand the way CDF works, and how they can participate effectively in the various stages of the CDF project cycle. It also discusses how members of the public can effectively monitor CDF expenditure through a social audit. If using this handbook for training purposes, trainers are encouraged to obtain a sample of the key CDF documents relevant to that constituency, as detailed
later within the text.

Each chapter is accompanied by a few discussion questions to evaluate as well as reinforce the information gained on each topic, and to prompt further thinking and dialogue by users of the handbook.

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What Next for CDF?

The Constituency Development Fund (CDF) was passed into law in December 2003 with the aim of devolving some funds to the grassroots so that people would have a say on development Read More… OR Download Report here

cdfIntroduced in Kenya in 2003, the Constituency Development Fund has been one Kenya’s most popular development initiatives. Adopted from India, the Kenyan model served to further popularise the fund and a 2010 International Budget Partnership report cites Southern Sudan, Philippines, Honduras, Nepal, Pakistan, Jamaica, Solomon Islands, Tanzania, Malawi, Namibia, Zambia, Uganda, Ghana, Malaysia, as countries implementing one form of CDF or other……….

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For details on individual Constituencies, Contact

Chief Executive Officer, CDF Board

P.O. Box 46682-00100, Nairobi

Tel: +254-20-2230015/9,2230027,2230032

Fax: +254-20-2230029