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About Us

Who we are

The Institute for Social Accountability (TISA) is a civil society initiative committed towards the achievement of sound policy and good governance in local development in Kenya, to uplift livelihoods of, especially, the poor and marginalized. TISA has been operational since March 2008, and is a locally registered trust. We were previously known as the CDF Accountability Project. TISA focuses on governance and has built up considerable expertise and networks in local governance, participatory governance, advocacy strategies, capacity building and practice learning while growing in experience and capacity in the development of capacity building tools and curricula in these areas.

Vision: TISA is committed to the creation of a successful future for the people of Kenya. In this regard, TISA’s vision is;

Empowered citizens claiming and enjoying their rights.

Mission: TISA recognizes the impact of provision of quality services on the socio- economic well being of the populace. Thus its overriding mission is;

To promote the realization of article 43 of the Kenyan Constitution 2010 through accountable and participatory devolved government.

What we do

TISA has established itself as a leading player in the decentralised governance field and engages with relevant state and non-state actors in the quest to promote effective local governance in Kenya. TISA enjoys a sound reputation and has positively contributed to Kenya’s decentralised sector over the past five years by working in the following areas.

  • a. Popularization of the CDF Social Audit: from 2008 to 2012, TISA actively promoted the CDF social audits program through the dissemination of the CDF Social Audit Handbook prepared by Wanjiru Gikonyo (TISA) on behalf of OSIEA. TISA also coordinates the CSO Social Accountability Learning Group (SALG) which seeks to deepen social audit tools and practice.
  • b. Contribution to key policy and legislation under the Constitution of Kenya: TISA contributed actively in the development of the devolution laws during their preparation such as the Urban Areas and Cities Act, 2012. The County Governments Act, 2012 among others.
  • c. Networking and Collaboration: TISA implements several of its programs through networks and collaborative processes, such as the Parliamentary Initiative Network (PIN), the Freedom of Information Network (FOI) coordinated by the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), the Kenya Women Parliamentarians (KEWOPA), among other programmatic collaborations.
  • d. Promotion of shared learning: TISA focuses on the preparation of participatory tools particularly monitoring and evaluation frameworks. TISA is presently preparing a Monitoring, Evaluation Reporting and Learning (MERL) framework for the National Assembly Implementation Committee.
  • e. Effective use of media and online platforms: TISA runs an SMS sensitization platform as well as several social media platforms, and is in the process of developing an ICT strategy to promote participatory governance at the county level.
  • f. Institutionalising Social Accountability and Public participation under County Governments: TISA is currently working on a program where the outputs will include promoting County Governments in target counties establish open, accountable and participatory public finance frameworks, encourage citizens to engage effectively in planning and budgeting,, ensure that national policy and legislation provide an enabling national policy framework for accountable and participatory public finance frameworks, support participating civil society organizations through organizational capacity development (OCD) to make them more effective in their program. It is from these outputs and relationships that the proposed oversight program seeks to build its foundation to be more effective on a wider scope.

Where we work

The team

Wanjiru Gikonyo, National Coordinator
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Bilha Nyoike, Finance Officer
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Rachael Mumbi, Policy and Advocacy Officer
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Pascaline Mulwa, Senior Program Officer
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Faith Miano, ICT Officer
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Joan Koskei, Finance Assistant
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Catherine Muyeka Mumma
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Dr. Caesar Mwangi
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Charles Warria
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