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jihusishe banner
jihusishe banner

With the objective of seeking to expand its civic education program and help different communities within Kenya increase their knowledge and understanding on matters concerning civic engagement, relevant opportunities in the devolved governance system and a general understanding of devolution, TISA has designed an interactive SMS campaign that will enable the public to receive civic education, receive updates about their counties and participate fully within their county activities for FREE.

Jihusishe is the name of the SMS campaign and it’s gradually rolling out to all the Counties in Kenya. To join Jihusishe , just dial *416# for free and provide a few details and you will be included in helping bring development to your county. IT IS FREE


The following terms and conditions apply to the Jihusishe– Civic education Service (“the Service”) and by utilising the Service you will be deemed to have read,understood and accepted the same.

1. Description of the Service

1.1. The Service is a mobile Short Messaging Service (SMS) platform developed and owned by the Institute of Social Accountability (TISA) which allows users to register so as to receive alerts and be able to participate in their county matters.

1.2. The content for the Service has been provided by the Institute of Social Accountability (TISA) and has been endorsed by URAIA (a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) endorsed by the Government of the Republic of Kenya to oversee civic education training.)

2. Eligibility

2.1.The Service is available for both post and prepay subscribers on Safaricom’s network.

2.2.The Service is not available when a subscriber is out of the country or when the subscriber is on Safaricom’s roaming service.

2.3.The Service cannot be accessed while using free Short Messaging Services (SMS) or free airtime awarded as a result of any Safaricom promotion or from the Okoa Jahazi service.(replying is not possible
while using free sms’)

3. How to request for the Service

3.1. Registration

3.1.1. Dial *416#;

3.1.2. Select register;

3.1.3. Select Language;

3.1.4. Select gender;

3.1.5. Select Age bracket;

3.1.6. Select region;

3.1.7. Select county

3.1.8. Receive confirmation screen on USSD;

3.1.9. Receive a confirmation SMS from 22416.

3.1.10. Subscription Use The Service will provide a subscription option that will be used to register subscribers on the Service Subscription use will allow subscribers to receive civic education content from Tisa and county government alerts free of charge Subscription use will also permit subscriber to reply back to the Service or participate in a county survey

4. How to opt out of the Service

4.1. Dial *100# / *200#

4.2. Select Premium rate services

4.3. Select My subscriptions

4.4. Select 22416

4.5. Select unsubscribe

4.6. Confirm Unsubscribe


4.7. Dial *416#

4.8. Select language

4.9. Select unsubscribe option

4.10. Confirm unsubscribe

5. Charges

5.1. Any SMS that is sent by the SMS code 22416 to a subscriber will be free of charge

5.2. Any SMS that is sent by user to 22416 will attract normal sms charges

6. Other terms and conditions

6.1. Tisa will manage customer enquiries and will use the following number as a customer enquiry no; 0707323471

6.2. Sending or replying to subscriber will attract normal Short Messaging Service (sms) charges for sending a message to the system or replying to 22416

6.3. All messages received from short code 22416 will be free to the user

6.4. Safaricom reserves the right to vary or amend any feature of the Service or to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Such changes shall be advertised on Safaricom’s web page : www.safaricom.co.ke and may also be published in the local press. Such changes shall not affect any The Service a subscriber requested prior to the date of announcement of the changes.

6.5. The standard terms and conditions for the Safaricom PrePay and PostPay services will apply to the Service where expressly varied by these terms and conditions.

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  • January 17, 2015